Influence on Quality of Life Among Patients with Hypothyroidism

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Pharmacology, Toxicology and Biomedical Reports,2015,1,1,24-26.
Published:27th Feb, 2015
Type:Research Article

Influence on Quality of Life Among Patients with Hypothyroidism

Paruchuri Sireesha*1, Balasubramanian Ganesh Pandian2, Nagula Parashuram3

1Department of Pharmacy Practice, Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Warangal, India.

2Unit of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy, AIMST University, Semeling, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.

3Department of Ear, Nose & Throat, Kakatiya Medical College/MGM Hospital, Warangal, India.


Aim: The study is to analyze the influence of quality of life with the patients suffering from hypothyroidism. Methods: This is a prospective observational study conducted for 6 months at endocrinology OPD of a tertiary care teaching hospital, India. Patients diagnosed with hypothyroidism were included in our study. Parameters such as TSH, tT3 and tT4 levels were monitored and their QOL were measured by using short form 36 (SF-36) questionnaires during their baseline and review visit. This study was approved by the human ethical committee. Influence of thyroid parameters over QOL scales were measured statistically using stepwise multiple linear regression and paired ‘t’ test was used to measure the significant difference with the treatment. Results and Discussion: A total of 13 patients met the inclusion criteria of our study among 30 patients irrespective of gender, significant change in thyroid parameter with treatment with L-thyroxine was observed with TSH (p=0.0169*) and further the influence of QOL have shown some significant values, which shows the need for considering the QOL while treating hypothyroidism. Conclusion: The influence of hypothyroidism on the quality of life was observed significantly correlating with few QOL subscales.