List of Reviewers

The content of a publication is determined by the quality of the papers written, which is determined by the quality of the refereeing process. The referees determine not only the quality of the text, but also the quality of responding to writers in a timely and efficient manner, and the time it takes from the reception of an article to its release. To put it succinctly, referees are the foundation of every peer-reviewed publication.

We are grateful to have the services of the experts mentioned below for our review process.

Reviewers for the Year 2020

  • Dr. Sharifa Yhya Saead AL-Zahrani, Ph.D
  • Dr. Abdullah S. Al-Humaindan 
  • Dr. Sara Tariq Alrashoud, Ph.D
  • Dr. Faisal Obaid Al Otaibi, Ph.D
  • Dr. Fatimah Al-Doughan, Pharm.D
  • Dr. Amany Alboghdadly, Pharm.D
  • Dr. Amal Badawoud, Ph.D
  • Dr. Namareq Aldardeer, Pharm.D
  • Dr. Adel Alhlayl, Ph.D
  • Dr. Mohsen Alshammari, BSc, MSc.
  • Dr. Murooj Shukry, Pharm.D
  • Dr. Amnah Mukhtar, Pharm.D 
  • Dr. Yousef A. Alomi, BSc, MSc, BCPS, BCNSP